Monday, June 8, 2009

nEw day..

New day was begin..da most important, thanks for sumone that help me in creating this blog, always helping me, at the same time always lend me his shoulder to cry on and his ears to listen..tq dear..this is second day in Sabah..quite happy and exciting but little bit boring coz i'm in Ranau far away from kk..about 80km from kk, 2 hours journey..
Aku pn sbnrnye xtaw nk mencurat ape lg kt cni, ape yg pntg hr ni perasmian blog aku..theme pink..dasyat gler..i'll become the pinky girl mcm pink panther..huk2..
Aku rase sesei pengenalan dan perasmian dh setel..After this new story lak..bahagian isi2 dlm blog aku..ape yg aku nk curatkan, aku pn xtaw..agk2 idea aku x tandus lbh2 lg time semester break yg lame ni, aku smbg juz wait and see..


nopx brightside said...

haha..klu xnk pink pun xpe,leh tukar kan layout percubaan je..

hehe..slmt berblogging..