Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear bdk bsuk..

TQ 4 da happiness and smile dat u gav to me everyday..
know u is one miracle from Him..
maybe..its fate..
if i break ur heart one day..
i did'nt meant it..
whatever will happen..
just take gud care of yourself...
be strong ..
i'm always be there..


Faiz Syazwan said...

dear,its ok..apa yg akan berlaku tu,adalah ms depan..skrg,yg pntg,pastikan ms skrg ni ok je..

apa yg kita wat ms ni,menentukan ms dpn kita..:)

i also don't want to hurt u..but, i'll try my best to cheer u up..

Khairiah said...

:)..dunno wht 2 say rite noe..que sera2..whatever will happen..will happen..

Faiz Syazwan said...

aha,wait for the moment..:P