Wednesday, November 4, 2009


yeah2!!..i got my old blog back..TQ to creator dis blog actually 'yg rjn sgt tgn tu' update dis got a present after my paper dis 2 paper more..i knew dat u online but I just make my mood to invi coz i need to stay in study mood (even lazy actually)..juz a few days more, i'm here in this room, on this bed and etc..after dis, new mood in practical training..gud luck everyone..i'll miss all of u especially ISD206A class and post dip from merbok..miss merbok so much..tanjung dawai,feveret place when my mental in out of order..sotong grg tpg+abc..also mis all people in SP (beware of this statement)..huhu

nothing to do rite bored..tried to study for tomorrow girl juz off the ur laptop and zzzzzzzzz..ngeh2..xtvt i loved most forever and ever until da end of my life :)


MizMawar said...

wow.. Tanjung Dawai... mmg tempat best.. dapnyer sotong celup tepung gan kerang bakar.. bila la dapat g sana lagi..

Faiz Syazwan said...

nak gak g tanjung dawai,best sgt ke?:P